How to keep cut flowers longer? Some tips from

All we want presented a bouquet of flowers recipient pleased and gave positive emotions as long as possible. However, to maintain the freshness and prolong the life of flowers need to follow some simple but very important rules.


  • For cut flowers is fatal temperature drop. If in winter from street you will bring a bouquet in a warm room and immediately unpack it, bouquet quickly wither. It is desirable to wait 20-30 minutes and then just pull a bunch of wrapping paper.
  • Cut flowers like rain or cooled boiled water. If this is not available, tap water is suitable (preferably pre-let to sit for about 4 hours). Before placing a bouquet in a vase necessary in a water tank trim the ends of the stems with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 °, as well as remove the leaves and thorns, with the part of the stem that will be under water in the vase. In the water you can add one aspirin and sugar per 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
  • Change the water in the vase is necessary every day, with updated sections and rinse vases
  • If a bouquet of roses began to fade, trim the ends and drop into boiling water.
  • Roses should not be put in a vase with other flowers.
  • Removing stamens from buds of lilies prolong their life and do not dirty petals
  • Tulips and irises like cool water.
  • If you want peonies bysto blossomed, put them in hot water.
  • To cut lilacs stood longer break the tips of stems with a hammer.
  •  It should be remembered that a vase of flowers can not be putnear radiators, on a window sill, on the strong sun in drafts and near fruit.

If you follow these simple rules, bouquet will long time delight you with its beauty, also do not forget that the longest standing bouquets are donated from the heart!



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